Iron mine
No cobalt, No nickel, Earth abundant


Re-defining the volume manufacture of low-cost and sustainable Li-ion cathode active materials (Li-CAMs)

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A cheaper, more sustainable solution is needed to combat the high-cost, cobalt and nickel based cathode materials in the market today.

Redoxion is a UK based start-up, focusing on revolutionizing the Li-CAM supply chain with cost-effective and sustainable approaches. At Redoxion, we are innovating proprietary synthesis methods for mass-producing LFP, LMFP, and advanced Li-CAMs. Redoxion is being built in partnership with 24M technologies, a US battery innovator, and Prosemino, a UK net-zero technology venture builder.

Eco Benefits

We are revolutionizing sustainable battery technology by producing cost-effective, high-quality LFP and LFMP cathodes using earth-abundant materials and efficient manufacturing.

Cost-Effective and Sustainable

We aim to produce high volume, high quality, low-cost, and battery-grade LFP and LFMP cathodes, making these batteries more accessible and sustainable. This approach makes our Li-CAMs viable for wider market adoption, contributing to the scaling of sustainable energy solutions.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Our batteries are produced using earth-abundant materials like iron, to minimise the reliance on cobalt and nickel, which are often linked to significant environmental and ethical issues. By focusing on iron-based chemistries, the environmental footprint of our battery production is substantially reduced.

Innovation and IP Development

We are dedicated to developing a valuable and defensible IP portfolio for our LFP and LFMP materials, ensuring long-term innovation and market leadership in sustainable battery technology.


Industry Standard Li-CAMs

At Redoxion, we're at the forefront of the UK's battery industry championing the shift towards more sustainable and affordable energy solutions with our cutting-edge LFP and LFMP active materials. By utilising iron, an abundant and sustainable material, we're addressing environmental and ethical concerns associated with traditional battery components like cobalt and nickel. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and commitment to innovation ensure we provide high-performance batteries. As we collaborate with industry leaders to scale our technology, we are dedicated to pioneering new applications and contributing significantly to the decarbonization of the energy sector.

Use Cases

Our innovative production of LFP and LFMP batteries is key to propelling global electrification and the pursuit of net zero objectives, by powering a wide range of applications from EVs to energy storage and beyond.




Electric Vehicles



Renewable Energy Storage Systems



Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) Systems



Portable and Consumer Electronics
Increased Specific Energy
Recent advancements are projected to increase the specific energy of LFP batteries to 200 Wh kg⁻¹ and beyond by 2030
Reducing CO₂ emission
0m tonnes
LFP batteries in electric vehicles and energy storage are predicted to reduce CO₂ emissions by approximately 100 million tons annually by 2030
Market Growth
The market for LFP cathode powder is predicted to reach over $20bn by 2030, driven by demand in electric vehicles and renewable energy sectors

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