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Explore how our innovations in cost reduction, safety enhancements, and superior performance are powering the next generation of energy storage.

Sustainable and superior performance with longer lifespans

LFP batteries offer unparalleled longevity and safety, distinguishing themselves in the energy storage landscape. Their robust build significantly reduces the risk of overheating, ensuring a reliable power source that stands the test of time.

Performance Image


Higher current and peak power

Lower internal resistance means a higher current and peak power capability without compromising safety.


Superior cycle life


Superior service life

Low cost

At a cell level, LFP-based Li-ion cells will continue to be significantly cheaper than NMC or NCA based cells.

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>$ 120 /kWh

Approx. cost of NMC-based Li-ion cell

<$ 100 /kWh

Approx. cost of LFP-based Li-ion cell

There are three primary reasons that the cost of LFP is decreasing: 1. Decreasing price of precursors, such as Lithium Carbonate. 2. Level of volume manufacturers are increasing globally. 3. Higher capacity cells are being introduced.

LFP batteries are safer

LFP batteries are setting a new standard in the realm of energy storage, heralded for their exceptional safety profile compared to NMC batteries.

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Thermal instability of NMC

NMC cells can be prone to thermal runaway at lower temperatures, especially when fully charged. During thermal runaway, NMC materials exothermically release oxygen causing a significant safety issue. This is particularly an issue at high states of charge and when using NMC with high nickel compositions.

Thermal stability of LFP

The better thermal safety of LFP also means that it is possible to manufacture larger packs for large form applications including EVs. This trend can be observed in every automotive company's technical roadmap.

IP & Licensing

At Redoxion, we're pioneering the future with our advanced manufacturing technologies. By developing proprietary methods and technologies, we are developing a strong and defensible IP portfolio. This symbolizes our dedication to leading the industry and opens opportunity for strategic partnerships through licensing.

Intellectual Property

Building the future of manufacturing

Our IP portfolio centres on groundbreaking volume manufacturing methods, setting new industry standards. Ongoing research and development efforts aim to further expand our suite of patents, from LFP to LFMP, and eventually towards our 3rd generation CAMs, safeguarding and advancing our technological leadership. Each patent is a carefully crafted asset, ensuring our innovations remain exclusive and defensible.

Licensing Opportunities

Collaborate with Redoxion

We offer licensing opportunities for our patented technologies and know-how. Our licensing models are designed to fit diverse needs, supporting both startups and established enterprises in integrating our technology. Licensees become part of an exclusive ecosystem, benefiting from ongoing support and shared expertise.

Technology Roadmap

As part of our vision for the future, Redoxion is dedicated to advancing battery technology through our strategic technology roadmap. Our progression from LFP to LFMP, and eventually towards our 3rd generation CAMs, is a testament to our commitment to innovation and sustainability in energy storage.

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